Refill of ink cartridges, sell your old mobile and print

On this site you can see what we offer at Blæk & Print explained in English. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


- Refill off ink cartridges: Save up to 70%

Almost any cartridge can be refilled.That goes for both ink- and laser cartridges.

You can download the pricelist. The numbers in the list are cartridge numbers and not printer numbers.

The list covers ink cartridges only. If you have a lasercartridge please contact us.


- We buy your old mobile phone

See examples here or click "sell us your old mobile" to the right for the almost full pricelist. Please be aware that we usually only buy phones that are under 18 months old. If you have a newer phone that are not in the pricelist please contact us.


- We print and copy for you

You can download the pricelist.


- Buy paper, usb-sticks and more